Things To Know About Your New Neighborhood

Dated: August 29 2016

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So you've picked the city and you know what area you want to live in. But what else is not known? Have you done sufficient research on the neighborhood you plan to live in? 

Chances are you probably haven't unless you're savvy enough to figure out that you must know the ins and outs of any new neighborhood that you can spend years in.  

Exploring a new neighborhood yourself comes to mind but here are some nuggets to look out for. 

Crime Rate  

Are you aware of the neighborhoods crime history ? If not it's certainly something to look into.  

You don't want to be a victim in your own neighborhood, sites like Neighborhood Scout can show you info for any neighborhood in America, history, demographics, median income , and crime rates.  

I put my neighborhood in there and it gave me a ton of new information about my neighborhood that I had almost no idea about. My chances of being a victim in my neighborhood was 1 and 153.  

Go ahead and give it a whirl and find out the history of your own neighborhood if you want. Utilize this tool for use when looking for the right neighborhood to live in.  


Having good schools to send you're kids to in your neighborhood doesn't have to be a challenge if you do you're homework ahead of time.  Looking up ratings and reviews for schools in neighborhood you want to move to is a start.  

Trulia offers a search engine that allows you to see ratings from any school in U.S.  

You might see schools with the best ratings attached to neighborhoods with high priced homes. It's not a coincidence that these homes are of higher value because their sought out for its great schools.  


Everyone wants access a to nice park they can walk their dogs too or even exercise in. Look for a neighborhood that will have parks with basketball courts, tennis courts, bike paths, scenic ponds, jungle gyms etc. Or maybe even golf courses if that's your thing.  

Sometimes a cheaper home can be a somewhat condensed area but has nice parks and decent schools should not be overlooked.  


How far is the hospital in you're would-be neighborhood to live in? My local hospital is actually located just a few blocks away (we didn't move there because of it but it was nice to know how close it was)  

You don't want to be far from a hospital of an urgent medical emergency occurs. You don't have to live down the street from the hospital but definitely find out how far the closest hospital is.  


Its good to know you're neighbors and granted you won't be able to judge any before you move.  But maybe if the neighborhood had community groups you can better grasp how they are by attending a meeting.  

Neighborhood watch is one place to start, you can probably find out a lot about a community simply by taking a trip to their local city hall or contacting the local city hall for the info.   


Food! Knowing what kind of food is most popular in that neighborhood is crucial. You don't want to move to a place where you might not like a majority of the restaurants in the area.  

This doesn't apply to people to who will obviously cook their own food but it's good to know what the local restaurants have to offer.  

Do a simple Google search of the local restaurants in that area and read the customer reviews. If you're feeling adventurous you can always visit one in person and try them out yourself.  


A night the town can come alive or not. It's good to know what towns actually do come alive at night.  

Find out what the nightlife in you're new neighborhood would be like. Are their clubs rated high? Are their even enough nightclubs? 

Maybe they have better bars then they do actual clubs which is a case for many towns in the U.S.  

Familiarize yourself with the neighborhoods nightlife because if you're socially outgoing you definitely don't want to move away from any action.  

Grocery Stores 

I mentioned restaurants above but this one is more important. You must know what kind of grocery stores are in the area, you need to know if they offer food you would buy.  

What if you require kosher meals ? Or special meats? You have to know if the neighborhood you want to live in even supplies it or if its far from a store that would supply it.  

Also, you want grocery stores that aren't too expensive and offer quality and quantity of foods. 


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