Sellers Fix These Surprises Before They Kill Your Deal

Dated: January 20 2017

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Once you've decided it's time to sell your home there is more to do than just de-clutter and clean. You'll also need to clean up any other open items that could impede the sale.  There are at least 3 areas that sellers often neglect until the offer is n the table...and then it could be too late.  Most can and should be resolved before a Realtor is ever contacted.

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Any permits opened during your ownership should be closed.  Check with the your town's building inspector to be sure there are no open permits.  Any work done that required a permit but for which one was not obtained needs to also be resolved.  Again, check with the building inspector to learn what is required to get permits for work completed without a permit.  Also get the town's check-list for the certificate of occupancy.  Walk your house with the check-list to be sure all items are satisfied.

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While walking through your house, Make a note of known latent defects that you will not fix.  Disclosure to potential buyers will be required.  Non-disclosure could subject the you to legal action after the sale.  Note that a latent defect is defined as  "a problem with the property not discoverable by ordinary inspection."

Rich Text Editor, editor1Resolve Title Defects
Lastly, resolve any known title concerns including liens that could impede the transfer of title.  Consultation with an attorney may be required.  A cloud on the title could delay or event prevent the buyer from closing on the property.  One of the more common is the death of a spouse.  Often the surviving spouse does not have the deed updated.  Now is the time.

These are critical steps that many sellers never consider.  Resolving these after you are under contract is the wrong time.  It's like preparing for a hurricane after the winds have started to blow.  Tackle these early and you'll be in good shape with that offer comes.

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