Fall Project Alert Kick Up Your Curb Appeal With A Front Porch Makeover

Dated: August 9 2017

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"...From a distance it was lovely, but upon closer inspection, the exterior paint on the wood siding was a little worn and tired, the roof more green than we would have chosen, and the porch floor color and lighting choices were very different than what we wanted for the house. "

To increase the value of your home, you might want to consider the following:

  1. Improving the existing garden/beds around the house

  2. Addressing exterior paint issues

  3. Overall porch projects and paint

 Fun fact: 

The fresh paint is clean and crisp, the new roof color on our metal roof is much darker gray and less green, and the garden has really been coming into its own this summer.

 More specifically, you may want to finish up some work that you started shortly after you bought the house, and make the front porch a welcoming sight for visitors.

As a result, the brass fixtures were retired in favor of two more traditional farmhouse lights for either side of our door.

With the lighting starting to look the part, you may want to add some casual seating to set the tone for the porch. 

 Start looking for a nice set of chairs that would look at home in this location. 

The stairs leading up to the porch, as well as the porch floor, have also seen better days. 

Remove Peeling paint, splintered treads, rotten railings and floor boards, and missing sections of stairs.

 It's a true gray and one that will make the porch a much more calming space.

This color gray is far more in keeping with the general style of "casual waterfront farmhouse".

With the porch repair and floor paint complete, it was time to start accessorizing this wonderful space. To add some color and life to the porch - add potted plants to either side of the front door.  

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