4 Reasons Why Some Homes Do Not Sell

Dated: September 12 2016

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We've all seen them.  The one house in the neighborhood that just sits on the market... and sits and sits and sits.  So why doesn't that home sell?  These are the top 4 reasons why a home may not sell.

1.  The house is in poor condition - Houses that are in dire need of repair or very out of date usually take longer to sell.  Homeowners looking to sell quickly and for top dollar should consider making repairs and/or updating key rooms in the home.

2. The sellers do not easily accommodate showings - There are lot's of homeowner's wary of strangers entering their home especially when they are not there.  As such they may only allow showings when the are home or require a long lead time (ex. 24 hour notice).  Though this may seem reasonable, If showings can only be done in the evening  buyers who are available during the day may not be available in the evening, which means they will never see your home.  Additionally, agents may locate your home on the MLS in the morning and want to show it the same day or evening.  The more barriers a homeowner has to showing their home the fewer showings they will get and the longer their home will likely sit on the market.

3. Inaccurate or poorly written descriptions - Buyers rely on descriptions and pictures to determine if a home on the market is one they'd like to see.  Homeowner's should check to see that the information posted is correct.  If a buyer see's a home that looks vastly different than the description they are not likely to make an offer.  After all if the description is "way off" what other problems might come up unexpectedly.

4. The price is too high - PRICE TRUMPS ALL OTHER EXCUSES FOR A HOUSE NOT SELLING.  If a home is priced right it will sell.  The right price can over come all other issues.  The price should reflect the real condition of home and a buyer looking in that price range will get what is expected.  Additionally, an experienced agent can overlook a poor description and inform the buyer as to whether or not the home will meet their needs.  If so, they will find a way to see the home in-spite of the showing barriers.  This is why price is so important.  This is the real reason a house doesn't sell.

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