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Pros And Cons Of Rent To Own Contracts

PROS AND CONS OF RENT-TO-OWN CONTRACTSRent-to-Own contracts are a way for potential buyers to purchase a home from a seller at a pre-negotiated price at a future date.  The buyer rents the

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Sellers Fix These Surprises Before They Kill Your Deal

Rich Text Editor, editor1Once you've decided it's time to sell your home there is more to do than just de-clutter and clean. You'll also need to clean up any other open items that could impede the

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5 Ways To Improve Your Credit Score

I’ve heard it often from potential buyers not quite ready – “I want to buy a house but I need to raise my credit score first.”  If this describes you then here are 3 things you can do

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To Do After Buying A House

You've bought your new home and moved in.  As you measure for curtains and plan future upgrades there are a few tasks that need to get on your “to do” list.  Here are 4

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4 Reasons Why Some Homes Do Not Sell

We've all seen them.  The one house in the neighborhood that just sits on the market... and sits and sits and sits.  So why doesn't that home sell?  These are the top 4 reasons

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